Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF4552 .T39 1917 The essentials of American constitutional law, 1
KF4552 .T39 1922 The essentials of American government, 1
KF4552 .T92 Lawyers and the Constitution; how laissez faire came to the Supreme Court, 1
KF4552 .W35 1990 Moral foundations of constitutional thought : current problems, Augustinian prospects / 1
KF4552 .W45 1999 Constitutional construction : divided powers and constitutional meaning / 1
KF4552 .W55 2012 Cosmic constitutional theory : why Americans are losing their inalienable right to self-governance / 1
KF4552 .W63 1996 How to read the constitution : originalism, constitutional interpretation, and judicial power / 1
KF4552 .W93 1967 The growth of American Constitutional law 1
KF4552 .Y33 2007 Regulatory rights : Supreme Court activism, the public interest, and the making of constitutional law / 1
KF4554 .C66 1989 Constitutionalism and rights : the influence of the United States constitution abroad / 1
KF4555 .A17C44 1861 A report of the debates and proceedings in the secret sessions of the conference convention, for proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States, held at Washington, D.C., in February, A.D. 1861. 1
KF4555 .A25 .D56 2018 State constitutional politics : governing by amendment in the American states / 1
KF4555 .A44 1974 Amendment of the Constitution, by the convention method under article V 1
KF4555 .A53 1962 Constitutional revision in theory and practice 1
KF4555.A75 R47 1995 Responding to imperfection : the theory and practice of constitutional amendment / 1
KF4555 .A96 1995 A U.S. Constitution for the year 2000 / 1
KF4555 .B25 1911 The Pinckney plan for the federal constitution 1
KF4555 .B47 1993 Amending America : if we love the Constitution so much, why do we keep trying to change it? / 1
KF4555 .C17 1988 Constitutional brinksmanship : amending the Constitution by national convention / 1
KF4555 .H12 A selective bibliography on State constitutional revision. 1