Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF4774 .Am35L 1971 Lenin vs. Franklin; warring revolutionary traditions in contemporary American journalism, 1
KF4774 .A2L57 Freedom of the press from Zenger to Jefferson; early American libertarian theories. 1
KF4774 .A34 1968 The press and the public interest. 1
KF4774.A75 F51 1982 The First Amendment reconsidered : new perspectives on the meaning of freedom of speech and press / 1
KF4774.A75 F51 1989 The First amendment--the challenge of new technology / 1
KF4774.A75 F52 1984 The First Amendment and national security : papers / 1
KF4774.A75 N32 Freedom of the press from Hamilton to the Warren Court, 1
KF4774 .A75P92 1982 The Press, free and responsible? / 1
KF4774 .A927 2000 Access denied : freedom of information in the information age / 1
KF4774 .A95 1967 Free press and fair trial 1
KF4774 .B27 Freedom of the press for whom? the right of access to mass media 1
KF4774 .B64 1991 Images of a free press / 1
KF4774 .B66 2010 Uninhibited, robust, and wide-open : a free press for a new century / 1
KF4774 .B73 The First amendment as a shield or a sword : an integrated look at regulation of multi-media ownership / 1
KF4774 .C42 1977 Freedom of the press / 1
KF4774 .C73f 1947 Freedom of the press, a framework of principle, 1
KF4774 .C73g Government and mass communications, 1
KF4774 .D32 1982 Freedom of the press : a study of the legal doctrine of "qualified privilege" / 1
KF4774 .E46 1991 Freedom, technology, and the First Amendment / 1
KF4774 .F87 Freedom of the press : an AEI round table held on July 29 and 30, 1975 at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. / 1