Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF4886 .T65 2017 Election law in a nutshell / 1
KF4886 .Z9B77 Citizenship: some suggestions as to the obligations, the difficulties and the preparation of voters 1
KF4886 .Z9B98 The constitutionality of the Voting rights act of 1965. 1
KF4886 .Z9Ex54 1984 Exit polls and early election projections : proceedings of an annual meeting program held in Chicago, Illinois, August 1984 / 1
KF4886.Z9 W5 Watergate and the law; political campaigns and Presidential power 1
KF4886 .Z95 .F76 2007 From registration to recounts : the election ecosystems of five midwestern states/ 1
KF4891 .L35 2007 Free at last to vote : the Alabama origins of the 1965 Voting Rights Act / 1
KF4891 .M66 1984 Minority vote dilution / 1
KF4891 .M67 2012 The most fundamental right : contrasting perspectives on the Voting Rights Act / 1
KF4893 .A37 1992 African Americans and the right to vote / 1
KF4893.A75 A34 1997 Affirmative action and representation : Shaw v. Reno and the future of voting rights / 1
KF4893 .B21 Compromised compliance : implementation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act / 1
KF4893 .B93 1998 Mistaken identity : the Supreme Court and the politics of minority representation / 1
KF4893 .C66 1992 Controversies in minority voting : the Voting Rights Act in perspective / 1
KF4893 .G41 The right to vote: politics and the passage of the fifteenth amendment 1
KF4893 .G65 2001 Reconstruction and black suffrage : losing the vote in Reese and Cruikshank / 1
KF4893 .G76 1992 Minority representation and the quest for voting equality / 1
KF4893 .T34 1987 Whose votes count? : affirmative action and minority voting rights / 1
KF4893 .V68 1985 The Voting Rights Act : consequences and implications / 1
KF4895 .K55 Woman suffrage. The argument of Carrie S. Burnham before Chief Justice Read, and Associate Justices Agnew Sharswood and Mercur of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in banc, on the third and fourth of April, 1873. 1