Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF5305 .M36 1982 Running city hall : municipal administration in America / 1
KF5305 .M86 2015 Municipal law deskbook / 1
KF5305 .M92m 1927 Municipal government and administration, / 1
KF5305 .M92p 1916 Principles and methods of municipal administration, 1
KF5305 .N21 Proceedings of the ... Conference for Good City Government and of the ... annual meeting of the National Municipal League 1
KF5305 .P53W6 Suburban differences and metropolitan policies 1
KF5305 .P54 Municipal government and administration in America 1
KF5305 .R34m Municipal law 1
KF5305 .R44 1985 The law of local government operations : 1985 update / 1
KF5305 .Sa14L3 Growth and government in Sacramento / 1
KF5305 .Sm61 1903 Commentaries on the modern law of municipal corporations, including public corporations and political and governmental corporations of every class, 1
KF5305 .St49 A half-century of municipal reform; the history of the National Municipal League 1
KF5305 .T77 The administration of regulatory inspectional services in American cities, 1
KF5305 .W15 Federal limitations upon municipal ordinance making power, 1
KF5305 .W6 1910 On the enforcement of law in cities, 1
KF5305 .Y77 1956 Municipal corporations 1
KF5305 .Z3L73 Metropolitan area problems and municipal home rule, 1
KF5305 .Z9C27 Constitutional aspects of state-local relationships - II : Metropolitan government / 1
KF5305 .Z9N21 Forms of municipal government; how have they worked? 1
KF5311 .S4 1962 Extraterritorial powers in the metropolitan area 1