Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF543 .K86 Illegitimacy: law and social policy 1
KF543 .Z56 1994 Nameless persons : legal discrimination against non-marital children in the United States / 1
KF545.A25 .K38 2012 Adoption laws in a nutshell / 1
KF545 .A97 2009 Adoption and assisted reproduction : families under construction / 1
KF545 .F36 2004 Families by law : an adoption reader / 1
KF545 .G76 1840 Report of the d'Hauteville case: The commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at the suggestion of Paul Daniel Gonsalve Grand d'Hauteville, versus David Sears, Miriam C. Sears, and Ellen Sears Grand d'Hauteville. Habeas corpus for the custody of an infant child 1
KF545 .J37 2003 International adoption / 1
KF545 .L48 1948 Law of adoption simplified; explains and illustrates the adoption law and procedure in all the states of the Union 1
KF545 .M33 Adoption committee's report, Maricopa County Bar Association. [June 10, 1957 1
KF545 .M35 2001 Making sense of the ASFA regulations : a road map for effective implementation / 1
KF545.Z9 B86 1998 A guide to the Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 : as amended by the Interethnic Adoption Provisions of 1996 / 1
KF545.Z95 C66 Race, creed, and color in adoption proceedings, 1
KF547.A31 As79 Gifts of securities or money to minors; a guide for member organization personnel in the handling of custodian accounts under the various State laws enacted to facilitate such gifts. 1
KF547.A75 C43 1989 Child custody disputes : searching for Solomon : Wingspread Conference, ABA/Johnson Foundation, October, 1988-August, 1989 1
KF547.A75 C54 2002 Child custody evaluators : psychologist or detectives?; Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, January, 2002, Philadelphia 1
KF547.A75 G76 1989 Grandparent visitation disputes : a legal resource manual / 1
KF547.A75 S38 1999 The scientific basis of child custody decisions / 1
KF547 .A75S68 1984 Seeking Solomon's wisdom : February 25, 1984, Loyola University, School of Law, New Orleans, Louisiana / 1
KF547 .A84 1992 Handling religious issues in custody and visitation disputes / 1
KF547 .A925 1995 Clinician's guide to child custody evaluations / 1