Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF562 .E54 1998 The guardian of every other right : a constitutional history of property rights / 1
KF562 .E67 2008 Supreme neglect : how to revive constitutional protection for private property / 1
KF562 .K65 2001 Law's limits : the rule of law and the supply and demand of rights / 1
KF562 .L52 1990 Liberty, property, and the future of constitutional development / 1
KF562 .L61 1989 Liberty, property, and government : constitutional interpretation before the New Deal / 1
KF562 .N42 1990 Private property and the limits of American constitutionalism : the Madisonian framework and its legacy / 1
KF566.A3 R4 Real estate law report 1
KF566 .H12 1983 Real estate : a bibliography of the monographic literature / 1
KF567 .B21 The law of real property : being a complete analytical epitome of all current decisions of the courts of last resort ...
The Annual on the law of real property : being a complete compendium of real estate law, embracing all current case law, carefully selected, thoroughly annotated, and accurately epitomized; comparative statutory construction of the laws of the several states; and exhaustive treatises upon the most important branches of the law of real property
KF567 .B21 Index A complete index to Ballards' Law of real property, vols. I-XII / 1
KF568 .P86 1968 Powell on real property, 1
KF568 .P87 The law of real property / 1
KF568 .T443 1939 The law of real property, 1
KF568.1 .A765 1986 Modern real estate and mortgage forms : basic forms and agreements / 1
KF569 .A55 1996 no.5 Restatement of the law, property (mortgages) : tentative draft no. 5 (March 18, 1996) / 1
KF569 .B45 1968 Land ownership and use; cases, statutes, and other materials, 1
KF569 .B45 1975 Land ownership and use / 1
KF569 .R11 Fundamentals of modern real property law, 1
KF569 .R22 1981 Real estate law digest / 1
KF569 .R22 1991 Real estate law digest / 1