Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF5692 .E89 1967 Environment for man; the next fifty years. 1
KF5692 .E89 1968 Environment and change; the next fifty years. 1
KF5692 .F49 Nongrowth planning strategies; the developing power of towns, cities, and regions 1
KF5692 .F62 Land banking in the control of urban development 1
KF5692 .F74 1999 From sprawl to smart growth : successful legal, planning, and environmental systems / 1
KF5692 .F74 2010 From sprawl to sustainability : smart growth, new urbanism, green development, and renewable energy / 1
KF5692 .G13 1963 The urban pattern; city planning and design, 1
KF5692 .G71 Megalopolis; the urbanized northeastern seaboard of the United States 1
KF5692 .G76 1996 Growing Smart legislative guidebook : model statutes for planning and the management of change 1
KF5692 .G85 1965 Urban renewal and American cities; the dilemma of democratic intervention 1
KF5692 .G93 The heart of our cities; the urban crisis: diagnosis and cure 1
KF5692 .H11 Between the idea and the reality : a study in the origin, fate, and legacy of the model cities program / 1
KF5692 .H12 1971 Urban planning and land development control law, 1
KF5692 .H12 1986 Urban planning and land development control law / 1
KF5692 .H31 The good city / 1
KF5692 .H43 1965 Open space and the law 1
KF5692 .J15 1961 The death and life of great American cities 1
KF5692 .J23 Land planning in the United States for the city, state and nation, 1
KF5692 .J62 Rebuilding cities 1
KF5692 .J84 1998 Land use planning and control law / 1