Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF5692 .A5N48 Regional conference on urban renewal and housing 1
KF5692 .A5P69 Planning in America : learning from turbulence / 1
KF5692 .A5U6 1970 Urban planning in transition. 1
KF5692 .A6 .A38 1972 Urban growth and land development; the land conversion process; report 1
KF5692 .A63 1967 The city is the frontier 1
KF5692 .A75Am36 no.2 New communities: challenge for today 1
KF5692 .B11 1973 Exclusionary zoning; land use regulation and housing in the 1970s 1
KF5692 .B22 1970 The unheavenly city; the nature and future of our urban crisis 1
KF5692 .B27 1982 The roles of federal, state, and local governments in land-use planning / 1
KF5692 .B29 Model laws for planning cities, counties, and states, including zoning, subdivision regulation, and protection of official map, 1
KF5692 .B65 1982 Land use conflicts : organizational design and resource management / 1
KF5692 .B66 1976 The permit explosion : coordination of the proliferation / 1
KF5692 .B66 .T35 1973 The taking issue; a study of the constitutional limits of governmental authority to regulate the use of privately-owned land without paying compensation to the owners. 1
KF5692 .B95 The city fights back; a nation-wide survey of what cities are doing to keep pace with traffic, zoning, shifting population, smoke, smog, and other problems. 1
KF5692 .C82 1988 Icons and aliens : law, aesthetics, and environmental change / 1
KF5692 .Ei24 The community builders / 1
KF5692 .En89p 1968 Environment and policy; the next fifty years. 1
KF5692 .E89 1967 Environment for man; the next fifty years. 1
KF5692 .E89 1968 Environment and change; the next fifty years. 1
KF5692 .F49 Nongrowth planning strategies; the developing power of towns, cities, and regions 1