Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF5692 .W85 The future of cities and urban redevelopment, 1
KF5692 .Z9Am34 The states and the urban crisis : report of the thirty-sixth American Assembly, October 30-November 2, 1969, Arden House, Harriman, New York 1
KF5692 .Z9Am38 Roster 1
KF5692 .Z9B81 1975 The American Law Institute Model land development code, the taking issue, and private property rights / 1
KF5692 .Z9H97 1961 Metropolitan area problems: the role of the Federal Government 1
KF5692 .Z95Am36 Planning legislation ... state planing and post-war planning, city planning, county planning, regional planning, etc 1
KF5697 .A152 .Z76 Zoning and planning law handbook 1
KF5697.A52 B73 1989 Landmark justice : the influence of William J. Brennan, [Jr.] on America's communities / 1
KF5697 .M62 A Model land development code : tentative draft / 1
KF5697 .M622 1974 A Model land development code : proposed official draft no. 1, tentative draft no. 6 / 1
KF5697 .M622 1975 A Model land development code : proposed official draft, complete text and commentary / 1
KF5697 .M625 1976 A Model land development code : complete text, adopted by the American Law Institute at Washington, D. C., May 21, 1975, and reporters' commentary 1
KF5698 .A4L52 Land development law, cases and materials 1
KF5698 .A4M31 Planning and control of land development : cases and materials / 1
KF5698.A5 Am37 1975 Transferable development rights 1
KF5698 .A5B89f Future land use : energy, environmental, and legal constraints / 1
KF5698 .A5B89fr Frontiers of planned unit development: a synthesis of expert opinion. 1
KF5698 .A5C82 Regulation v. compensation in land use control : a recommended accommodation, a critique, and an interpretation : essays / 1
KF5698 .A5L23 1964 Land use controls; public and private controls of land use, public land-use controls in selected European countries, recreational uses of private land: legal implications in contract and tort 1
KF5698 .A5L35 1989 Land use and the Constitution : principles for planning practice / 1