Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8736 .St29 State supreme courts : policymakers in the federal system / 1
KF8736 .S73 1996 State judiciaries and impartiality : judging the judges / 1
KF8736 .S74 1995 Recommended guidelines for state courts handling cases involving elder abuse / 1
KF8736 .S93 Summary of state and local justice improvement activities 1
KF8736 .T17 1988 State supreme courts in state and nation / 1
KF8736 .T373 2012 Without fear or favor : judicial independence and judicial accountability in the states / 1
KF8736 .Z95K84 1978 Judicial rulemaking in the state courts : a compendium : a research project of the American Judicature Society / 1
KF8737 .A1In7 Calendar status study 1
KF8737 .A75R54 1974 Rough justice: perspectives on lower criminal courts 1
KF8737 .In7 1955 Small claims courts in the United States 1
KF8737 .In7 1955 Suppl Small claims courts in the United States : 1959 supplement 1
KF8737.J89 M6 1979 Preliminary draft of revised rules of procedure for the trial of misdemeanors before United States Magistrates / 1
KF8737 .N21 1972 Staff Studies Prepared for the National Institute for Consumer Justice on Small Claims Courts 1
KF8740 .B86 2007 Business and the Supreme Court 1
KF8741.A1 M36 1992 How to research the Supreme Court / 1
KF8741.A1 M37 1990 The U.S. Supreme Court : a bibliography / 1
KF8741.A15 H62 1984 Yearbook - Supreme Court Historical Society 1
KF8741 .A15S95 The Supreme Court yearbook 1
KF8741 .A152B61 The first one hundred justices : statistical studies on the Supreme Court of the United States / 1
KF8741.A16 R4 1958 The first homes of the Supreme Court of the United States 1