Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8745 .H87D19 1973 The autobiographical notes of Charles Evans Hughes. 1
KF8745 .H87H38 1951 Charles Evans Hughes and the Supreme Court 1
KF8745 .H87P97 Charles Evans Hughes 1
KF8745 .J13G22s Supreme Court Justice Jackson, lawyer's judge 1
KF8745 .J13G31 America's advocate: Robert H. Jackson 1
KF8745 .J13M69 Mr. Justice Jackson: four lectures in his honor, 1
KF8745 .J13s The Supreme Court in the American system of government 1
KF8745 .J13Sch7 Dispassionate justice; a synthesis of the judicial opinions of Robert H. Jackson 1
KF8745.J64 .M67 1954 Justice William Johnson, the first dissenter : the career and constitutional philosophy of a Jeffersonian judge / 1
KF8745 .L16M95 L. Q. C. Lamar: pragmatic patriot 1
KF8745 .L17L16 The life of Joseph Rucker Lamar, 1857-1916, 1
KF8745 .L58L52 1951 The contribution of Judge Irving Lehman to the development of the law. 1
KF8745 .L83K58 1907 The life of Chief Justice Ellis Lewis, 1798-1871 : of the first elective Supreme Court of Pennsylvania / 1
KF8745 .M19M14 1974 Joseph McKenna: Associate Justice of the United States 1
KF8745 .M22W43 1971 The life of John McLean; a politician on the United States Supreme Court, 1
KF8745 .M27 1885 John Marshall, 1
KF8745 .M27 1888 John Marshall / 1
KF8745 .M27 1895 John Marshall, 1
KF8745 .M3 1956 Harlan Fiske Stone: pillar of the law 1
KF8745.M3 .B76 2018 John Marshall : the man who made the Supreme Court / 1