Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8745 .F45B56 1881 Some account of the work of Stephen J. Field, as a legislator, state judge, and justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. 1
KF8745 .F45W66 1969 Stephen J. Field, craftsman of the law. 1
KF8745 .F65M95 1988 Fortas : the rise and ruin of a Supreme Court Justice / 1
KF8745.F65 Sh73 1972 A question of judgment; the Fortas case and the struggle for the Supreme Court 1
KF8745.F7 F89 1982 Felix Frankfurter : reminiscences and reflections / 1
KF8745.F7 P37 1982 Felix Frankfurter and his times : the reform years / 1
KF8745.F7 S9 1965 Proceedings of the bar and officers of the Supreme Court of the United States, October 25, 1965, proceedings before the Supreme Court of the United States, October 25, 1965, in memory of Felix Frankfurter 1
KF8745.F7 T49 Felix Frankfurter, scholar on the bench 1
KF8745 .F7U76 1991 Felix Frankfurter : judicial restraint and individual liberties / 1
KF8745 .F85 Felix Frankfurter reminisces, recorded in talks with Harlan B. Phillips 1
KF8745 .F85A3 From the diaries of Felix Frankfurter : with a biographical essay and notes / 1
KF8745 .F85H61 The enigma of Felix Frankfurter / 1
KF8745 .F85J15 1961 Justice Frankfurter and civil liberties 1
KF8745 .F85K83 1949 The constitutional world of Mr. Justice Frankfurter; some representative opinions, 1
KF8745 .F85K96 Of law and life & other things that matter; papers and addresses of Felix Frankfurter, 1956-1963. 1
KF8745 .F85L Law and politics : occasional papers of Felix Frankfurter, 1913-1938 / 1
KF8745 .F85L 1971 Law and politics; occasional papers of Felix Frankfurter, 1913-1938. 1
KF8745 .F85M52 Felix Frankfurter, the judge 1
KF8745 .F85Of1 1956 Of law and men; papers and addresses, 1939-1956. 1
KF8745 .F95K58 1950 Melville Weston Fuller, Chief Justice of the United States, 1888-1910 1