Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8748 .A2 1996 The judiciary : the Supreme Court in the governmental process / 1
KF8748 .B21 Judicial craftsmanship or fiat? : Direct overturn by the United States Supreme Court / 1
KF8748 .B237 2011 The constrained court : law, politics, and the decisions justices make / 1
KF8748 .B38 1973 The impact of Supreme Court decisions; empirical studies, 1
KF8748 .B45 The three faces of power 1
KF8748 .B47 1970 The Supreme Court and the idea of progress 1
KF8748 .B47 1978 The Supreme Court and the idea of progress / 1
KF8748 .B53 2020 The conscientious justice : how Supreme Court justices' personalities influence the law, the high court, and the Constitution / 1
KF8748 .B71 The Warren revolution; reflections on the consensus society 1
KF8748 .B91 1983 The Burger Court : the counter-revolution that wasn't / 1
KF8748 .C25 2010 Losing twice : harms of indifference in the Supreme Court / 1
KF8748 .C379 2017 Closing the courthouse door : how your constitutional rights became unenforceable / 1
KF8748 .C385 2016 The Chief Justice : appointment and influence / 1
KF8748 .C425 2009 Legacy and legitimacy : black Americans and the Supreme Court / 1
KF8748 .C45 Judicial review and the national political process : a functional reconsideration of the role of the Supreme Court / 1
KF8748 .C56 2001 Constitutional structure and purposes : critical commentary / 1
KF8748 .C81 The twilight of the Supreme Court; a history of our constitutional theory, 1
KF8748 .C83 The Warren court; constitutional decision as an instrument of reform 1
KF8748 .C85 1954 Some observations on Supreme Court litigation and legal education / 1
KF8748 .C94 Lions under the throne, 1