Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8776.Z95 P56 1995 The impact of judicial-selection method on State-Supreme-Court policy : innovation, reaction, and atrophy / 1
KF8776.Z95 S72 1985 Standards for state judicial retirement plans 1
KF8776.Z95 S73 2001 Standards on state judicial selection : report of the Commission on State Judicial Selection Standards / 1
KF8777 .B21 Judicial salaries, pensions, and disability and death benefits in selected states and the federal judicial system / 1
KF8777 .J89 1986 A Handbook on state judicial salaries / 1
KF8777.Z9 S72 1990 Standards for judicial compensation 1
KF8777.Z9 S87 1988 A Survey of state judicial fringe benefits 1
KF8777.Z9 S87 1996 A survey of state judicial fringe benefits / 1
KF8777 .Z95S4 1968 1968 survey of judicial salaries and retirement plans in the United States, 1
KF8778 .G85 1985 Guidelines for the evaluation of judicial performance / 1
KF8778 .N37 1996 Judicial performance evaluation handbook / 1
KF8779 .As36 The finest judges money can buy, and other forms of judicial pollution, 1
KF8779 .A1C81 1979 Literature on judicial conduct / 1
KF8779.A1 .F57 2020 Judicial ethics and discipline : a legal research guide / 1
KF8779 .A1V44 1983 Selected literature on judicial conduct and disability : an annotated bibliography / 1
KF8779.A354 A2 1982 Rules of the Judicial Council of the Third Circuit with respect to complaints of judicial misconduct or disability 1
KF8779.A354 U5 1997 Rules governing complaints of judicial misconduct and disability / 1
KF8779 .A44 J89 1970 Preliminary statement accompanying the tentative draft of the canons of judicial ethics of the special committee on standards of judicial conduct 1
KF8779 .A44 .J89 1972 Code of judicial conduct [Final draft 1
KF8779 .A63 1986 Judicial disqualification under Canon 3C of the Code of judicial conduct / 1