Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8779 .N38 1989 Model code of judicial conduct for federal administrative law judges / 1
KF8779 .S45 1990 Judicial conduct and ethics / 1
KF8779 .S45 1995 Judicial conduct and ethics / 1
KF8779 .S45 2000 Judicial conduct and ethics / 1
KF8779 .S45 2007 Judicial conduct and ethics / 1
KF8779 .T28 Judicial conduct organizations : a project of the American Judicature Society / 1
KF8779 .T28 1980 Judicial conduct organizations / 1
KF8779 .T41 Reporter's notes to Code of judicial conduct 1
KF8779 .T84 1989 The good judge : report of the Twentieth Century Fund Task Force on Federal Judicial Responsibility 1
KF8779.Z9 E83 1990 Ethics in the courts : policing behavior in the federal judiciary / 1
KF8779.Z9 F7 1973 Ethics for judges. 1
KF8779 .Z9M54 1992 The development of the ABA Judicial Code / 1
KF8779.Z9 M62 1995 Model rules for judicial disciplinary enforcement 1
KF8779 .Z95J89 1981 Judicial discipline and disability digest, 1960-1978 / 1
KF8779 .Z95J89 1981, Suppl Judicial discipline and disability digest. 1979 supplement / 1
KF8779 .Z95S64 1991 The digest of judicial ethics advisory opinions / 1
KF8781 .B73 Who judges the judges? A study of procedures for removal and retirement 1
KF8781 .B87 1992 Crimes, follies, and misfortunes : the federal impeachment trials / 1
KF8781 .P33 1833 Report of the trial of James H. Peck, judge of the United States district court for the district of Missouri, before the Senate of the United States on an impeachment preferred by the House of representatives against him for high misdemeanors in office. 1
KF8782 .C38Su5 1970 Trial of Samuel Chase, an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, impeached by the House of Representatives for high crimes and misdemeanors before the Senate of the United States 1