Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8915 .C69 2011 Trial prep for the new advocate : effective case preparation for trial / 1
KF8915 .C76 2010 7 steps to becoming an extraordinary trial lawyer 1
KF8915 .C81 1932 Trial tactics; a book of suggestions on the trial of cases, containing pertinent addresses by many well-known trial experts. 1
KF8915 .C89 1956 Preparation for trial of civil actions, 1
KF8915 .C98 Successful trial tactics. 1
KF8915 .D55 1984 Dombroff on unfair tactics / 1
KF8915 .D55 1988 Dombroff on unfair tactics / 1
KF8915 .D71 1891 Tact in court. Containing sketches of cases won by skill, wit, art, tact, courage and eloquence. With practical illustrations in letters of lawyers giving their best rules for winning cases 1
KF8915 .E158 1894 A treatise on general practice, containing rules and sugestions for the work of the advocate in the preparation for trial, conduct of the trial and preparation for appeal, 1
KF8915 .E158 1911 The work of the advocate; a practical treatise containing suggestions for preparation and trial, including a system of rules for the examination of witnesses and the argument of questions of law and fact, 1
KF8915 .E27 1998 How to win jury trials : building credibility with judges and jurors / 1
KF8915 .E43 1989 Effective argument to the court / 1
KF8915 .E95 1994 The common sense rules of trial advocacy / 1
KF8915 .F46 Civil trial manual. 1
KF8915 .F46 1980 Civil trial manual 2 / 1
KF8915 .F64 2002 Trial technique and evidence / 1
KF8915 .F64 2008 Trial technique and evidence / 1
KF8915 .F64 2013 Trial technique and evidence / 1
KF8915 .F9 1975 Planning and trying cases 1
KF8915 .G25 1954 Trial tactics and experiences: trial episodes, interesting cases, hints to trial lawyers, suggestions as to cross-examinations, with illustrative examples from actual cases 1