Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8925 .T7An24 1934 An automobile accident suit, a treatise on the pleading, practice and trial of an automobile damage action, from its inception to its conclusion, 1
KF8925.T7 E7 1971 Defense of drunk driving cases: criminal--civil / 1
KF8925.T7 .L58 2005 Litigating roadway defects 1
KF8925 .T7 .M5 1970 Automobile accident litigation; a report of the Federal Judicial Center to the Department of Transportation 1
KF8925.W4 G12t 1946 The trial of a negligence action / 1
KF8931 .Am35 1973 Bibliography on economic and scientific proof / 1
KF8931 .A3 .F31 Federal rules of evidence news 1
KF8931 .G41 1897 A treatise on the law of indirect and collateral evidence, 1
KF8931.8 .B63 2011 Federal rules of evidence with objections / 1
KF8931.8 .B63 2015 Federal rules of evidence with objections / 1
KF8931.8 .F43 2011 Federal rules of evidence : as amended to December 1, 2011 1
KF8932 .B34 A digest of American cases on the law of evidence : intended as notes to Peake's Compendium of the law of evidence / 1
KF8932 .C62 Code of evidence : tentative draft / 1
KF8932 .C622 1942 Code of evidence : proposed final draft / 1
KF8932 .C625 1942 Model code of evidence : as adopted and promulgated by the American Law Institute at Philadelphia, PA., May 15, 1942 1
KF8933 .A42 American jurisprudence proof of facts, 3d series
American jurisprudence proof of facts, annotated; a carefully edited compilation of trial guide material in text and in question and answer form designed to assist lawyers in preparing for trial and in examining witnesses,
American jurisprudence proof of facts, second series
KF8933 .A423 1983 American jurisprudence proof of facts : fact book with medical glossary 1
KF8933 .En19 Permanent supplement to the Encyclopdia of evidence
The Encyclopædia of evidence
KF8934 .E944 2006 Evidence stories / 1
KF8934 .F572 2018 Federal rules of evidence 2018-2019 statutory and case supplement : includes Federal rules of evidence, Proposed federal rules of evidence, Deleted and superseded Federal rules of evidence, proposed amendments to the rules, Case Notes on Ohio v. Clark, Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado, Salinas v. Texas, and Warger v. Shauers : for use with Evidence (Third Edition) George Fisher / 1