Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF8972 .H182 1999 What makes juries listen today / 1
KF8972 .H19 1986 Judging the jury / 1
KF8972 .H193 1999 A handbook of jury research / 1
KF8972 .H27 1983 Inside the jury / 1
KF8972 .H61 A practical treatise on juries, their powers, duties, and uses, in all actions and proceedings, both civil and criminal, under the common law, and under the statutes of the United States and the state of New York. With forms. 1
KF8972 .I57 1993 Inside the juror : the psychology of juror decision making / 1
KF8972 .J66 Civil justice and the jury 1
KF8972 .J66 2003 The American jury system / 1
KF8972 .J662 2005 The Jury as fact finder and community presence in civil justice : report of the 2001 Forum for state Appellate Court Judges 1
KF8972 .L48 1992 Juries and politics / 1
KF8972 .L58 2008 The litigation manual : jury trials / 1
KF8972 .M37 2005 The jury process / 1
KF8972 .M55 A pilot study of utilization of jurors 1
KF8972 .M78 1973 The jury, tool of kings, palladium of liberty 1
KF8972 .M78 1988 The jury, tool of kings, palladium of liberty / 1
KF8972 .N55 1979 Pattern jury instructions : a critical look at a modern movement to improve the jury system / 1
KF8972 .Os2 The mind of the juror as judge of the facts; or, The layman's view of the law, 1
KF8972 .O415 2006 Trial by jury : the Seventh Amendment and Anglo-American special juries / 1
KF8972 .O94 2009 The juror factor : race and gender in America's civil courts / 1
KF8972 .P79 2017 The psychology of juries / 1