Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9219 .An24 1966 Wharton's Criminal law and procedure 1
KF9219 .Ar23 1923 Criminal law / 1
KF9219.A1 Am35 1968 Standards relating to trial by jury; tentative draft. 1
KF9219.A1 C86 Criminal law and urban problems course handbook series 1
KF9219 .A2C23 1983 Career criminals / 1
KF9219 .A2C86 Crime : emerging issues / 1
KF9219 .A2C89 Fundamentals of criminal behavior and correctional systems. 1
KF9219 .A2Ec74 The economics of crime and punishment; 1
KF9219 .A2M31 1971 Group problems in crime and punishment, and other studies in criminology and criminal law 1
KF9219 .A2R11 Race, crime and criminal justice / 1
KF9219.A2 S53 1965 Proceedings 1
KF9219 .A2S64 1970 Law and order in a democratic society. 1
KF9219.A2 W63 1986 Law and current world issues / 1
KF9219 .A2W69 Thinking about crime / 1
KF9219 .A3 1970 Working papers of the National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws relating to the Study draft of the new Federal criminal code 1
KF9219 .A35 1970 Study draft of a new federal criminal code (Title 18, United States Code) 1
KF9219 .B24 Introduction to criminology / 1
KF9219 .B29 Substantive criminal law / 1
KF9219 .B46 Crime and the criminal law in the United States : considered primarily in their present-day social aspects / 1
KF9219 .B54s 1873 Commentaries on the law of statutory crimes. Embracing the general principles of interpretation of statutes; particular principles applicable in criminal cases; leading doctrines of the common law of crimes, and discussions of the specific statutory offenses, as to both law and procedure. 1