Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9219 .H33 1930 Criminology, 1
KF9219 .H38 1985 Congress, courts, and criminals : the development of federal criminal law, 1801-1829 / 1
KF9219 .H87 1919 A treatise on criminal law and procedure / 1
KF9219 .J13 In the life; versions of the criminal experience 1
KF9219 .J15 1984 The frustration of policy : responses to crime by American cities / 1
KF9219 .K17 The criminal and his allies / 1
KF9219 .L13 1972 Handbook on criminal law, 1
KF9219 .L13 1986 Criminal law / 1
KF9219 .L13 2000 Criminal law / 1
KF9219 .L13 2003 Criminal law / 1
KF9219 .L13 2010 Criminal law / 1
KF9219 .L13 2017 Criminal law / 1
KF9219 .L13p 1978 Principles of criminal law : cases, comments, and questions / 1
KF9219 .L386 2003 Substantive criminal law / 1
KF9219 .L58 1847 An abridgment of the criminal law of the United States; containing the important penal acts of Congress of the United States, and of the Legislatures of the principal states of the Union; accompanied with a brief statement of the law of England, the decisions of the federal courts, and of the courts of the several states, relative to crimes and misdemeanors. Containing also the treaties of extradition entered into by the United States with England and France, and the acts of Congress and several states relative to the surrender of fugitives from justice and from labor; with the practice and forms of proceeding under the same. To which are added precedents of indictments and pleas ... 1
KF9219 .M13 1897 A treatise on the criminal law as now administered in the United States, 1
KF9219 .M29 Criminal briefs, 1
KF9219 .M45 1938 May's Law of crimes 1
KF9219 .M5 1934 Handbook of criminal law, 1
KF9219 .M62 Model penal code : tentative draft / 1