Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9219.85 .S94 2021 Core criminal law : learning through multiple-choice questions / 1
KF9223.Am35 C86 1986 American Bar Association criminal & juvenile justice policies : a roadmap for state legislators and policymakers 1
KF9223.Am35 C87 1988 Criminal justice in crisis : a report to the American people and the American Bar on Criminal Justice in the United States : some myths, some realities, and some questions for the future 1
KF9223 .An13 1976 An analysis of criminal justice standards of the American Bar Association and National Advisory Commission with Pennsylvania law and practice / 1
KF9223 .At94 1916 A treatise on federal criminal law and procedure, with forms of indictment and writs of error and the federal penal code 1
KF9223 .At94 1929 A treatise on federal criminal law and procedure : with forms of indictment and writ of error and the federal Penal code / 1
KF9223 .A1C46 Index to minorities & criminal justice : an index to periodicals and books relating to minorities and criminal justice in the United States / 1
KF9223.A1 T59 1949 The Administration of criminal justice; a compilation of the original Dicta published by the Virginia law weekly 1948-1949 1
KF9223 .A1T59a 1970 Administration of criminal justice, 1949-1956; a selected bibliography. 1
KF9223 .A1T59b Bibliography of crime and criminal justice, 1927-1931. 1
KF9223 .A1W58 1982 A research guide for law enforcement and the criminal justice system : a bibliography of bibliographies, journals, research, and reference materials / 1
KF9223.A15 C773 Criminal Justice Section newsletter / 1
KF9223.A15 O5 On the line 1
KF9223 .A152 .S7 The State of criminal justice : an annual report 1
KF9223.A16 Am35 1989 ABA criminal justice mental health standards 1
KF9223.A16 Am35td 1983 First tentative draft : criminal justice mental health standards, July 1983 1
KF9223 .A17J12 1967 First national conference on crime control : proceedings, March 28-29, 1967 1
KF9223 .A31A15 1973 Indexed legislative history of the Crime control act of 1973 1
KF9223 .A35 1974 Standards relating to the administration of criminal justice : compilation with index / 1
KF9223.A39 Am37 1931 Administration of the criminal law : tentative draft 1