Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9223 .A75C86 Crime and criminal justice. 1
KF9223 .A75C86 1983 Criminal justice reform : a blueprint / 1
KF9223 .A75C87 Criminal law reform, 1971-1972 ; Reform in legal education, 1972-1973 : a compilation of the original Dicta published by the Virginia law weekly 1
KF9223.A75 D57 1985 Discretion, justice, and democracy : a public policy perspective / 1
KF9223 .A75Ev13 1983 Evaluating performance of criminal justice agencies / 1
KF9223 .A75F51 1970 Getting busted; personal experiences of arrest, trial, and prison 1
KF9223 .A75J15 The potential for reform of criminal justice / 1
KF9223 .A75K69 1970 The politics of local justice. 1
KF9223.A75 L52 1982 Law and the legal process / 1
KF9223 .A75N16 1979 The Study of criminal courts : political perspectives / 1
KF9223 .A75N21 1973 National Conference on Criminal Justice, January 23-26, 1973; [working papers, 1
KF9223 .A75P97 1984 The Pursuit of criminal justice : essays from the Chicago Center / 1
KF9223 .A75Q44 1974 Criminal justice in America; a critical understanding 1
KF9223 .A75R23 1972 Race, crime, and justice. 1
KF9223 .A75T69 The devils of due process in criminal detection, detention, and trial 1
KF9223 .A8 1931 no.4 Report on prosecution 1
KF9223 .A8 1931 no.9 Report on penal institutions, probation and parole 1
KF9223.A8 A36 1925 Report to the Council by the Committee on a Survey and Statement of the Defects in Criminal Justice. 1
KF9223 .A8 no.2 Enforcement of the prohibition laws of the United States. Message from the President of the United States transmitting a report of the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement relative to the facts as to the enforcement, the benefits, and the abuses under the prohibition laws, both before and since the adoption of the eighteenth amendment to the Constitution .. 1
KF9223 .A8 no.3 Report on criminal statistics 1