Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9223 .F31 The policy dilemma : Federal crime policy and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration / 1
KF9223 .F345 2013 Crime, law and society / 1
KF9223 .F49 1986 Escape of the guilty / 1
KF9223 .F57 The desirability of a correctional ombudsman, 1
KF9223 .F62 The price of perfect justice; the adverse consequences of current legal doctrine on the American courtroom 1
KF9223 .F75 1993 Crime and punishment in American history / 1
KF9223 .F98 1982 The Future of criminal justice / 1
KF9223 .G31 1969 Introduction to law enforcement and criminal justice 1
KF9223 .G42 Doing justice : how the system works--as seen by the participants / 1
KF9223 .H55 Crime, power, and morality; the criminal-law process in the United States 1
KF9223 .Im7 1983 Implementing new ideas in criminal justice / 1
KF9223 .I513 2009 In the name of justice : leading experts reexamine the classic article "The aims of the criminal law" / 1
KF9223 .J13L Look at the law; the law is what the layman makes it, 1
KF9223 .K12 1976 Criminal justice : enforcement and administration / 1
KF9223 .K25 Crime in America, 1
KF9223 .K37 2019 Usual cruelty : the complicity of lawyers in the criminal injustice system / 1
KF9223 .K43 1997 Race, crime, and the law / 1
KF9223 .K44 1957 Racial factors and urban law enforcement 1
KF9223 .K76 2012 Guide to U.S. government practice on global sharing of personal information / 1
KF9223 .K79 1973 Juvenile justice administration 1