Call Number (LC) Title Results
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KF9242 .A75 2018 Disorder in the court : morality, myth, and the insanity defense / 1
KF9242 .B44 1993 Before and after Hinckley : evaluating insanity defense reform / 1
KF9242 .B48 The guilty mind; psychiatry and the law of homicide 1
KF9242 .B58 2016 Law and the modern mind : consciousness and responsibility in American legal culture / 1
KF9242 .C66 Murder, madness, and the law / 1
KF9242 .C75 1992 The Criminal justice system and mental retardation : defendants and victims / 1
KF9242 .E95 2008 Insanity : murder, madness, and the law / 1
KF9242 .F49 1988 Insanity on trial / 1
KF9242 .F64 2012 The mind of the criminal : the role of developmental social cognition in criminal defense law / 1
KF9242 .G52m Mental disorder and the criminal law; a study in medicosociological jurisprudence, with an appendix of state legislation and interpretive decisions, 1
KF9242 .G57 The insanity defense, 1
KF9242 .G73 The insanity defense in criminal trials, 1
KF9242 .G88 1986 Evaluating competencies : forensic assessments and instruments / 1
KF9242 .G91 Misuse of psychiatry in the criminal courts: competency to stand trial. 1
KF9242 .G98 The role of psychiatry in law, 1
KF9242 .H42 1983 The insanity defense : philosophical, historical, and legal perspectives / 1
KF9242 .H65 Crime, abnormal minds and the law, 1
KF9242 .H65p Psychiatry and the law. Proceedings. 1
KF9242 .H84 1986 In the law's darkness : Isaac Ray and the medical jurisprudence of insanity in nineteenth-century America / 1