Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9242 .R62 1980 Competency to stand trial / 1
KF9242 .R65 2001 The role of mental illness in criminal trials / 1
KF9242 .St31 Careers of the criminally insane; excessive social control of deviance 1
KF9242 .Sz18 Psychiatric justice / 1
KF9242 .Sz18 1988,1965 Psychiatric justice / 1
KF9242 .S25 The mentally ill offender; a survey of treatment programs 1
KF9242 .S55 1988 The insanity defense : a critical assessment of law and policy in the post-Hinckley era / 1
KF9242 .V58 2006 The myth of a psychiatric crime wave : public perception, juror research, and mental illness / 1
KF9242.V7 Sil5 1988 A treatment approach to improving defendants' competency to stand trial / 1
KF9242 .W42m Mental disorder as a criminal defense 1
KF9242 .W54 1976 Criminal commitments and dangerous mental patients : legal issues of confinement, treatment, and release / 1
KF9242 .W58 1981 Insanity and the criminal law / 1
KF9242 .W67 The insanity plea, 1
KF9242.Z9 H83 2000 Mental disability issues in the criminal justice system : what they are, who evaluates them, how and when / 1
KF9243 .J66 The problem of intoxication as a defense to crime. 1
KF9243 .N61 Two million unnecessary arrests; removing a social service concern from the criminal justice system 1
KF9243.5 .W75 1996 Does the law morally bind the poor? or, what good's the Constitution when you can't afford a loaf of bread? / 1
KF9244.A7 M33 1989 The entrapment defense / 1
KF9244.A7 M33 1995 The entrapment defense / 1
KF9244.A7 M33 2002 The entrapment defense / 1