Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9242 .M42 Mental disability and the criminal law, a field study 1
KF9242 .M43 1967 Mental illness and the criminal law: is community mental health an answer? 1
KF9242 .M49 2016 Legal insanity : explorations in psychiatry, law, and ethics / 1
KF9242 .M52 1983 Mentally disordered offenders : perspectives from law and social science / 1
KF9242 .N215 1983 Myths & realities : a report of the National Commission on the Insanity Defense /
Myths & realities : hearing transcript of the National Commission on the Insanity Defense /
KF9242 .O93 1997 Criminal responsibility and multiple personality defendants / 1
KF9242 .P373 2009 Criminal mental health and disability law, evidence and testimony : a comprehensive reference manual for lawyers, judges, and criminal justice professionals / 1
KF9242 .P38 1993 Fitness to stand trial / 1
KF9242 .P47 1994 The jurisprudence of the insanity defense / 1
KF9242 .P75 The rule of law and the role of psychiatry 1
KF9242 .R3 1962 A treatise on the medical jurisprudence of insanity / 1
KF9242 .R58 The criminal mind; a study of communication between the criminal law and psychiatry 1
KF9242 .R62 1980 Competency to stand trial / 1
KF9242 .R65 2001 The role of mental illness in criminal trials / 1
KF9242 .St31 Careers of the criminally insane; excessive social control of deviance 1
KF9242 .Sz18 Psychiatric justice / 1
KF9242 .Sz18 1988,1965 Psychiatric justice / 1
KF9242 .S25 The mentally ill offender; a survey of treatment programs 1
KF9242 .S55 1988 The insanity defense : a critical assessment of law and policy in the post-Hinckley era / 1
KF9242 .V58 2006 The myth of a psychiatric crime wave : public perception, juror research, and mental illness / 1