Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9379 .P22 1983 Fighting computer crime / 1
KF9390 .A44 1974 The crimes of politics; political dimensions of criminal justice 1
KF9390 .A7T74 1986 The Tree of liberty : a documentary sourcebook of rebellion and political crime in America / 1
KF9390.A7 T74 1998 The tree of liberty : a documentary history of rebellion and political crime in America / 1
KF9390 .A75C86 1984 Crime in city politics / 1
KF9390 .B37 1985 Protesters on trial : criminal justice in the Southern civil rights and Vietnam antiwar movements / 1
KF9390 .K38 2016 United States law and policy on transitional justice : principles, politics, and pragmatics / 1
KF9390 .L71 1983 Litigating national security issues / 1
KF9390 .Sch14 The political criminal; the problem of morality and crime 1
KF9397 .A25As87 Reports on bills to authorize the enforcement of State statutes prescribing criminal penalities for subversive activities 1
KF9397 .A33As78 Report on Internal security act of 1950 (McCarran act) <Public law 831 - 81st Congress, chapter 1024 - 2nd session> 1
KF9409 .A7G16 The politics of corruption; organized crime in an American city 1
KF9409 .B69 Cities destroyed for cash, the FHA scandal at HUD 1
KF9415 .G56 1963 The contempt power / 1
KF9415.Z9 T46 1934 Problems of contempt of court : a study in law and public policy / 1
KF9416 .Su54 Contempts by publication; the law of trial by newspaper, 1
KF9428 .A8 1968 Report 1
KF9428 .P53 .B45 1966 Case study of a riot; the Philadelphia story, 1
KF9430 .A3 2003 Homeland security statutes 1
KF9430.A316 E94 2002 The USA Patriot Act / 1