Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9440 .N21 1977 The development of the law of gambling, 1776-1976 1
KF9444 .A25 1970 The Obscenity report; the report to the Task Force on Pornography and Obscenity 1
KF9444.A59 Ob7 Obscenity law reporter 1
KF9444 .A7Ob7 Obscenity and freedom of expression / 1
KF9444 .B94 1985 Women against censorship / 1
KF9444 .C62 Obscenity and public morality; censorship in a liberal society 1
KF9444 .D69 1989 The new politics of pornography / 1
KF9444 .D85 1988 Pornography and civil rights : a new day for women's equality / 1
KF9444 .Er67c Censorship: the search for the obscene, 1
KF9444 .Er67t To the pure ... A study of obscenity and the censor, 1
KF9444 .G57 Pornography and sexual deviance; a report of the Legal and Behavioral Institute, Beverly Hills, California 1
KF9444 .H69 1996 Pornography and the justices : the Supreme Court and the intractable obscenity problem / 1
KF9444 .I54 1997 In harm's way : the pornography civil rights hearings / 1
KF9444 .J37 1996 The law of obscenity and pornography / 1
KF9444 .J66 1961 The problem of drafting an obscenity statute. 1
KF9444 .K92 Pornography and the law; the psychology of erotic realism and pornography, 1
KF9444 .K95 Foolish figleaves? Pornography in and out of court 1
KF9444 .L58 Literature, obscenity, & law / 1
KF9444 .P82 1983 Pornography and censorship / 1
KF9444 .R28 1986 The end of obscenity : the trials of Lady Chatterley, Tropic of cancer, and Fanny Hill / 1