Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9640 .T72 1855 Precedents of indictments and special pleas. 1
KF9640 .Z95N21a 1977 The Attorney General's role in prosecution / 1
KF9640.Z95 S22 1972 Survey of local prosecutors / [Charles Patrick Sainsbury had primary responsibility for analyzing the questionanaire returns and writing this report.] 1
KF9642 .Am35 State grand jury handbook / 1
KF9642.A1 .F53 2020 Grand juries : a legal research guide / 1
KF9642 .A1L96 Annotated bibliography on the grand jury / 1
KF9642 .B36 1986 Grand jury law and practice / 1
KF9642 .B36 1997 Grand jury law and practice / 1
KF9642 .B55 1993 The not so grand jury : the story of the federal grand jury system / 1
KF9642 .C54 The grand jury, the use and abuse of political power / 1
KF9642 .Ed96 The grand jury : considered from an historical, political and legal standpoint, and the law and practice relating thereto / 1
KF9642 .F85 The grand jury : an institution on trial / 1
KF9642 .N21 1983 Representation of witnesses before federal grand juries / 1
KF9642 .N21 1999 Representation of witnesses before Federal grand juries / 1
KF9642 .S7 1873 Grand and petit juries : a lecture delivered before the Louisville Library Association on the evening of February 3, 1873 / 1
KF9645 .Am35 Standards relating to joinder and severance 1
KF9645 .A56Am35 1966 Material prepared by the American civil liberties union for members of the American law institute concerning Tentative draft no. 1 of a Model code of pre-arraignment procedure 1
KF9645 .K15 Justice is the crime; pretrial delay in felony cases 1
KF9645 .N61 The omnibus hearing; an experiment in relieving inefficiency, unfairness, and judicial delay 1
KF9645 .N61p Prosecutor disclosure and judicial reform : the omnibus hearing in two courts / 1