Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9709 .A1In7 Standards relating to [juvenile justice] / 1
KF9709 .A2B62 1959 Material used before the Blue Ridge training institute for Southern juvenile court judges, 1
KF9709 .A2C31 1969 Readings in juvenile delinquency 1
KF9709 .A2C83 Course on law and poverty; the minor 1
KF9709 .A2Ev13 1983 Evaluating juvenile justice / 1
KF9709 .A2G16 Becoming delinquent; young offenders and the correctional process, 1
KF9709 .A2G23 Gault: what now for the juvenile court? 1
KF9709 .A2J98 The Juvenile justice system / 1
KF9709 .A2K89 1978 The children of Ishmael : critical perspectives on juvenile justice, a text with readings / 1
KF9709 .A2St82 1969 Prevention of delinquency; problems and programs, 1
KF9709 .A3Am35s 1971 Statutory review of the use of volunteers in the court, 1
KF9709 .B67 Administrative aspects of delinquency control, 1
KF9709 .C18 1967 The handling of juveniles from offense to disposition, 1
KF9709 .C66 Delinquent boys: the culture of the gang 1
KF9709 .D29 Rights of juveniles : the juvenile justice system / 1
KF9709 .Em72 The Silverlake experiment; testing delinquency theory and community intervention 1
KF9709 .E35 Judging delinquents; context and process in juvenile court 1
KF9709 .F63 1914 Juvenile courts and probation, 1
KF9709 .F83 1971 The law of juvenile courts in a nutshell, 1
KF9709 .F83 1984 The law of juvenile courts in a nutshell / 1