Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9690 .A7W65 1987 Federal and state postconviction remedies and relief / 1
KF9690 .A8Ad96 1973 Expediting review of felony convictions after trial : a report of the Committee on Criminal Appeals of the Advisory Council on Appellate Justice 1
KF9690 .Or3 1939 Criminal appeals in America, 1
KF9690 .P81 1978 Post-conviction remedies in a nutshell / 1
KF9690 .P97 1980 Handling criminal appeals / 1
KF9690 .Y12 Postconviction remedies / 1
KF9690.Z9 P84 1988 Post conviction remedies : self-help manual / 1
KF9695 .C76 2009 The presidential pardon power / 1
KF9695 .M78 1989 Pardons : justice, mercy, and the public interest / 1
KF9695 .St13 Clemency : legal authority, procedure, and structure / 1
KF9701 .C12T5 In the interest of a child; a review of recent materials relating to the juvenile court in the United States. 1
KF9701 .H34 1936 New light on delinquency and its treatment; results of a research conducted for the Institute of Human Relations, Yale University, 1
KF9704 .Sh53 1966 Standards for juvenile and family courts / 1
KF9704.5 1974 .A15 1974 Indexed legislative history of the "Juvenile justice and delinquency prevention act of 1974," 1
KF9704.5 .A15 1977 Indexed legislative history of the "Juvenile justice amendments of 1977." 1
KF9704.8 .N216 Standard juvenile court act 1
KF9704.82 .A15 Criminal justice--youth. Proposed final draft. 1
KF9704.82 .A15o 1940 Youth correction authority act. adopted at the annual meeting of members and at a meeting of the Council, May 16-18, 1940 / 1
KF9706.5 .Sa24 Law and tactics in juvenile cases 1
KF9708 .F83 Cases and materials on modern juvenile justice, 1