Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9709 .G52 The problem of delinquency 1
KF9709 .G52d Delinquents and nondelinquents in perspective 1
KF9709 .G52p Physique and delinquency, 1
KF9709 .G52U 1950 Unraveling juvenile delinquency 1
KF9709 .G56 The differential selection of juvenile offenders for court appearance 1
KF9709 .H97 Juvenile court jurisdiction over children's conduct : a statutes analysis / 1
KF9709 .K58 1971 100 injustices to the child / 1
KF9709 .K79 The police role and juvenile delinquency 1
KF9709 .L95 1955 Youth and the law; handbook on laws affecting youth. 1
KF9709 .M58 1972 Children, parents, and the courts: juvenile delinquency, ungovernability, and neglect, 1
KF9709 .M95 Our kindly parent--the State; the juvenile justice system and how it works 1
KF9709 .N20 Time out : a national study of juvenile correctional programs / 1
KF9709 .N20j 1974 Juvenile delinquency : a study of juvenile codes in the U.S. / 1
KF9709 .N21 Procedure and evidence in the juvenile court : a guidebook for judges 1
KF9709 .N21g 1957 Guides for juvenile court judges 1
KF9709 .N21m Model rules for juvenile courts 1
KF9709 .N78 1972 The youth service bureau; a key to delinquency prevention 1
KF9709 .P94 1975 The Problems of juvenile courts and the rights of children / 1
KF9709 .R24 The prevention of juvenile delinquency: an experiment 1
KF9709 .R82 1961 Crime and juvenile delinquency : a rational approach to penal problems / 1