Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF9730 .A36 1966 Manual of correctional standards 1
KF9730 .A365 1981 Standards for adult local detention facilities / 1
KF9730 .A75A35 1973 America's prisons: correctional institutions or universities of crime. 1
KF9730 .A75A52 1972 Prisons, protest, and politics. 1
KF9730 .A75P93 Prison life; a study of the explosive conditions in America's prisons 1
KF9730.A75 .P94 Prisoners in America. 1
KF9730 .A8C68 1973 Collective violence in correctional institutions: a search for causes 1
KF9730 .B43 I chose prison, 1
KF9730 .B72 1992 The use of incarceration in the United States : a look at the present and the future / by Lynn S. Branham 1
KF9730 .B93 1971 Origin and development of jails in America 1
KF9730 .B94 Conjugal visits in prison : psychological and social consequences / 1
KF9730 .C27 Warden Cassidy on prisons and convicts; remarks from observation and experience gained during thirty-seven years continuous service in the administration of the Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania .. 1
KF9730 .C68 1990 Courts, corrections, and the Constitution : the impact of judicial intervention on prisons and jails / 1
KF9730 .F44 1998 Judicial policy making and the modern state : how the courts reformed America's prisons / 1
KF9730 .F68 1975 We are the living proof : the justice model for corrections / 1
KF9730 .F68 1979 We are the living proof : the justice model for corrections / 1
KF9730 .F88 2004 The future of imprisonment / 1
KF9730 .G56 Jails, the ultimate ghetto / 1
KF9730 .G79 1973 Prison discipline in America. 1
KF9730 .H24 Crisis in corrections: the prison problem 1