Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFI3030 1881 .A2 The revised statutes of Indiana : containing, also, the United States and Indiana constitutions and an appendix of historical documents / 1
KFI3030 1888 .A2 The revised statutes of Indiana, 1888 : part second 1
KFI3030 1914 .A2 Burns' annotated Indiana statutes, showing the general statutes in force January 1, 1914. Embracing the revision of 1881 as amended, and all permanent, general and public acts of the General Assembly passed since the adoption of that revision; containing also the United States and Indiana constitutions, all completely annotated, 1
KFI3030 1914 .A42 1921 Burns' annotated Indiana statutes; supplement of 1921 : containing the general statutes enacted at the legislative sessions of 1915, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1921, together with notes of the decisions of the highest courts construing the constitutions of the State and United States and the laws contained in the revised statutes of 1914 and subsequent enactments / 1
KFI3030 1926 .A2 INDEX A general index to the Indiana statutes contained in Burns' annotated Indiana statutes, revision of 1926 : alphabetically arranged by subjects, containing also table of errata; tables of corresponding sections to R.S. 1914 and supplement of 1921, list of special and private acts / 1
KFI3030 1926 .A42 Annotated Indiana statutes, containing all Indiana statutes of general and public nature in force January 1, 1926, 1
KFI3030 1930 .A32 The laws of the Indiana Territory, 1801-1809 / 1
KFI3030 1976 .A4 West's annotated Indiana code : under arrangement of the official Indiana code 1
KFI3045 .A19 1817 Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of judicature of the state of Indiana : with tables of the cases reported and cases cited and an index / 1
KFI3045 .A2 1850 Reports of cases in the Supreme Court of the State of Indiana : including all the cases of importance argued and decided from the commencement of the May term, 1848 to the close of the November term, 1849 / 1
KFI3045 .I6 Indiana rehearing and transfer table covering all cases of the Supreme and Appellate courts reported in North eastern reporter in which there has been a subsequent opinion by the state courts or by the Supreme Court of the United States
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana / by Horace E. Carter
KFI3052 .M2 1875 Reports of cases argued and determined in the Superior Court at Indianapolis [1871-1874] : with collection of authorities cited to cases / 1
KFI3057 .W47 1953 West's Indiana digest : 1817 to date : a digest of Indiana legal authorities, State and Federal 1
KFI3057 .W47 1991 West's Indiana digest 2d, 1817 to date : a digest of Indiana legal authorities, state and federal 1
KFI3059 .S5 Shepard's Indiana citations 1
KFI3061 .W47 West's Indiana digest 2d law finder 1
KFI3075.5 .I53 1896 The Indiana law student 1
KFI3137.A33 W16 1953 Indiana annotations to the restatement of the law of trusts : as adopted and promulgated by the American Law Institute / 1
KFI3144 .H39 1931 The probate law and practice of the state of Indiana / 1
KFI3176.L5 W3 1896 The law of Indiana relating to statutory liens : being a complete and systematic exposition of the law of the state as to all liens created by statute, with references to the decisions of courts of other states on points remaining undetermined in Indiana, with a complete set of forms / 1