Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFM2478 .N33 Americanization of the common law : the impact of legal change on Massachusetts society, 1760-1830 / 1
KFM2478 .W66 1986 Half a century with judges and lawyers / 1
KFM2478.8 .B65Si38 Law and urban growth : civil litigation in the Boston trial courts, 1880-1900 / 1
KFM2478.8 .W5F83 Science and justice; the Massachusetts witchcraft trials 1
KFM2478.8.W5 H64 1996 The devil's disciples : makers of the Salem witchcraft trials / 1
KFM2478.8.W5 .H645 1997 The Salem witchcraft trials : a legal history / 1
KFM2480 .M3 Methods of practice, with forms / 1
KFM2491 .W6Sp72 Women under the law of Massachusetts, their rights, privileges, and disabilities, 1
KFM2512 .A65C87 1883 Notes on common forms : a book of Massachusetts law / 1
KFM2512 .A65C87 1902 Notes on common forms : a book of Massachusetts law / 1
KFM2512 .A65C87 1913 Notes on common forms : a book of Massachusetts law / 1
KFM2512 .M22 1922 Notes on the law of real property, 1
KFM2517 .H14 1908 The Massachusetts law of landlord and tenant : including the cases in vol. 195 of the reports and the legislation of 1907 / 1
KFM2527 .A5 D3 1909 1948 Massachusetts Land Court decisions, 1898-1908 / 1
KFM2527 .C88 1929 The history of a title / 1
KFM2544 .F952 1903 The probate law of Massachusetts : with notes of decisions (including the legislation of 1902, and cases in vol. 178 of the Massachusetts Reports.) / 1
KFM2544 .F953 1914 The probate laws of Massachusetts, with notes of decisions 1
KFM2544 .S5 1868 The practice in proceedings in the probate courts. With an appendix of practical forms, designed for the use of executors and others having business in the probate courts 1
KFM2544 .T83 1927 A manual relating to the preparation of wills, with forms; a book of Massachusetts law adapted for use in the other New England states, 1
KFM2544 .W5 1822 A view of the jurisdiction and procedings of the courts of probate in Massachusetts, with particular reference to the county of Essex / 1