Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFM2552 .W54 1913 Lectures on commercial law and the law of negotiable instruments, 1
KFM2583.Z9 C55 1876 History of the Massachusetts Insurance Department : including a sketch of the origin and progress of insurance and the insurance legislation of the state, from 1780-1876 / 1
KFM2596.3 .S7C54 1904 A treatise on street railway accident law 1
KFM2599 .E45A8 Annual report of the Industrial Accident Board 1
KFM2613 .A22H14 1908 The Massachusetts business corporation law of 1903 : covering private business corporations excepting financial, insurance and public service corporations / 1
KFM2620 .C97 1846 The insolvent laws of Massachusetts. With notes. 1
KFM2620 .C97 1853 The insolvent laws of Massachusetts, with notes of decisions. 1
KFM2620 .C97 1878 The insolvent laws of Massachusetts, with notes of decisions 1
KFM2697 .M29 1937 Automobile guest law statutes and decisions, 1
KFM2697.8 .G16 Traffic and the police; variations in law-enforcement policy 1
KFM2731 .S5 1950 Labor relations guide for Massachusetts; a practical digest of Massachusetts and Federal labor laws and regulations, 1
KFM2732 .P77B78 Bargaining beyond impasse : joint resolution of public sector labor disputes / 1
KFM2732.8.A35 N99 1934 Union-management coöperation in the "stretch-out" ; labor extension at the Pequot mills, 1
KFM2734.5.P7 W7 1886 Profit sharing / 1
KFM2742 .A5 Reports of cases under the Workmen's Compensation Act, determined by Committees of Arbitration, the Industrial Accident Board and the Supreme Judicial Court .. 1
KFM2801 1780 .A285 B76 The Massachusetts Constitutional convention of 1917 : its causes, forces and factions; its conflicts and consequences; mention of every proposed amendment... / 1
KFM2801 1821 .A22 Journal of debates and proceedings in the Convention of Delegates, chosen to revise the Constitution of Massachusetts, begun and holden at Boston, November 15, 1820, and continued by adjournment to January 9, 1821. Reported for the Boston Daily Advertiser 1
KFM2801 1853 .A22 Official report of the debates and proceedings in the State Convention, assembled May 4th, 1853, to revise and amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1
KFM2801 1853 .A23 Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, begun and held in Boston, on the fourth day of May, 1853. 1
KFM2801.5 .T3 1961 Massachusetts, Colony to Commonwealth : documents on the formation of the constitution, 1775-1780 / 1