Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFN6010 .A65A263 1931 Forms of pleading in actions for legal or equitable relief, prepared with special reference to the practice of the various states and adapted to the practice in many common law states, 1
KFN6010 .B34 1929 Pleading : under the New York Civil Practice Act and the practice relating to pleading with an appendix of forms / 1
KFN6010 .B72 Bradbury's pleading and practice reports; 1
KFN6010 .C83 1915 Report of the Board of statutory consolidation on the simplification of the civil practice in the courts of New York... 1
KFN6010 .M46 1932 Summary of the law of pleading, practice and evidence in the state of New York : with forms / 1
KFN6020 .D68 1967 Examination before trial and other disclosure devices; / 1
KFN6020 .D68 1984 Examination before trial and other disclosure devices / 1
KFN6025 .H67 1963 Trial technique under New York Civil practice law and rules / 1
KFN6028 .A82C59 1935 Applied law; being the art of direct and cross examinations of plaintiff's and defendant's witnesses, applied and exemplified by 30,000 composite questions and answers framed for instant attack or defence, indexed for ready use in automobile trials; including automobile law reclassified and restated, 1
KFN6030 .A837 1991 A Code of Evidence for the State of New York : submitted to the 1991-1992 Session of the Legislature by Governor Mario M. Cuomo / 1
KFN6030 .F52 1977 Fisch on New York evidence / 1
KFN6030 .M852 1954 New York evidence proof of cases / 1
KFN6035 .K87 1987 Evidence in negligence cases / 1
KFN6035 .M6 1997 Evidence in negligence cases / 1
KFN6040 .M83 1886 Of the competency and privilege of witnesses and their testimony under the New York codes. 1
KFN6045 .As78 196 New York pattern jury instructions--civil. Prepared by Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions, Association of Supreme Court Justices, Bernard S. Meyer, chairman [and others] 1
KFN6049 .C78 1888 The law and practice of referees and references under the code of civil procedure and statutes of the State of New York. With forms. 1
KFN6053 .E14 1971 The declaratory judgment action; notes, cases and forms, 1
KFN6063 .Ed95 1857 On receivers in equity, and under the New York code of procedure; with precedents / 1
KFN6065 .W89 Collection of money judgments through the medium of supplementary proceedings and garnishee executions under the laws of the state of New York / 1