Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFO76 .O5 Ohio bar : publication of the Ohio State Bar Association
The Ohio State Bar Association report
KFO106 .G34 1901 A manual for notaries public, general conveyancers, commissioners, justices, mayors, consuls, etc., as to acknowledgements, affidavits, depositions, oaths, proofs, protests, etc., for each state and territory, with forms and instructions 1
KFO112 .B21 1893 The Ohio law of real property, being a complete and logical compilation of the law pertaining to real estate in Ohio, in all of its various branches. 1
KFO128 .J8M55 1910 Judicial conveyance of real estate; being the law and procedure in Ohio whereby under order of court, real estate is sold and title thereto confirmed and transferred, with forms, 1
KFO142 .Su82 The family and inheritance 1
KFO144 .Ad21 1932 A treatise on practice and procedure in the Probate courts of Ohio, including the law of wills, administration of estates and related subjects, with forms and journal entries, 1
KFO144.2.H35 A5 1890 Reports of select cases argued and determined in the Probate Court of Hamilton County, Ohio, from 1885 to 1890 / 1
KFO147 .R126 1864 A guide to executors and administrators in the settlement of the estates of deceased persons within the State of Ohio, to which is prefixed a brief comment upon the statute of wills / 1
KFO147 .R126 1880 A guide to executors and administrators in the settlement of the estates of deceased persons within the state of Ohio, to which are prefixed the provisions of law relating to wills, with notes of decisions and practical suggestions. 1
KFO185 .G93 1900 The law of insurance of the state of Ohio, including fire, life, accident, casualty, quaranty, mutual benefit, fraternal and marine insurance, and pleading, practice and evidence relating thereto, as determined by the courts and contained in the statutes...from the earliest period to date of publication, with full annotations from the decisions of the courts of Ohio and other states, 1
KFO210 .D28 1942 A treatise on the law of corporations, based on the General corporation act of Ohio, with all amendments to 1942 and including the Foreign corporation act; the Ohio securities act; the Uniform stock transfer act; franchise tax statutes; all related corporation statutes of ageneral nature; constitutional provisions; and forms. 1
KFO213 .C83 1914 The law of private corporations in Ohio, 1
KFO213 .G22 1932 The Ohio corporation manual; a complete treatise on the organization, management and dissolution of corporations in Ohio, together with forms and precedents for use under the General corporation act of Ohio 1
KFO285 .A3 1913 A compilation of the laws of Ohio affecting the regulation of railroads and public utilities / 1
KFO301 .A86 Report of the Railroad Commission of Ohio ... to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the year ..
Annual report of the Commissioner of Railroads and Telegraphs to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the year ..
KFO401.5 .P27 1912 The constitutions of Ohio, amendments, and proposed amendments, including the ordinance of 1787, the act of Congress dividing the Northwest territory, and the acts of Congress creating and recognizing the state of Ohio, 1
KFO416.C65 O37 Report of the Un-American Activities Commission, State of Ohio 1
KFO421.5 .A8L52 1977 Bill drafting manual / 1
KFO431.5 .An24 1979 Anderson's revised Ohio basic code of ordinances / 1
KFO440.5 .A56 Opinions of the Attorney General of Ohio 1