Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFP197.D3 .I684 2020 Internet defamation 2020 1
KFP197.D3 .I684 2022 Internet defamation. 1
KFP197.I5 A74 2002 Alcohol in civil cases 1
KFP197.I5 A74 2004 Alcohol in civil cases 1
KFP197 .I5 .D78 2018 Drug and alcohol issues in civil litigation : from the liability of physicians to issues in employment 1
KFP197.P3 A95 Personal Injury Institute / 1
KFP197.P3 .C38 2012 The catastrophic injury case : quadriplegia, paraplegia and spinal injury cases 1
KFP197.P3 .C38 2017 The catastrophic injury case : understanding the trauma and how to prosecute or defend a complex injury case 2
KFP197.P3 D39 2015 A day on personal injury 1
KFP197.P3 .D44 2005 Defending the back injury case 1
KFP197.P3 D5 1966 A concentrated course of study for practitioners in personal injury law : the 5th annual Dickinson Forum / 1
KFP197.P3 E9 2004 Evidence in personal injury cases 1
KFP197.P3 .H36 2010 Handling the slip, trip and fall case 1
KFP197.P3 .H36 2012 Slip, trip and fall : winning tactics for settlement and trial 1
KFP197.P3 L39 2001 Lawyers' guide to mild/moderate brain injury & psychological disorders 1
KFP197.P3 L39 2002 Lawyer's guide to mild to moderate brain injury 1
KFP197.P3 .L58 2019 Litigating the traumatic brain injury claim 1
KFP197.P3 M3 1999 Managing your client's personal injury settlement : a legal & economic analysis 1
KFP197.P3 .M43 2014 Medicare and Medicaid issues in the litigation and settlement of PI and WC claims 1
KFP197.P3 .M44 2010 Medicine for lawyers : the most common injuries to the brain and spine 1