Call Number (LC) Title Results
KFP539.P4 M38 2003 Maximizing value in cases below $100,000 1
KFP539.P4 .M392 2019 Maximizing the outcome of personal injury cases 1
KFP539.P4 .M85 2005 Multijurisdictional personal injury litigation 1
KFP539.P4 .O74 2009 Over the top settlements : how to develop, present and settle for maximum value; CLE "down the shore." 1
KFP539.P4 O74 2013 Over the top settlements : how to develop, present, and settle for maximum value 1
KFP539.P4 .P475 2019 Personal injury law conference 2019 1
KFP539 .P4 .P48 2016 Personal injury litigation basics 1
KFP539.P4 .P74 2006 Preparing & trying the soft tissue case 1
KFP539.P4 .S45 2009 Selecting, investigating, evaluating and settling a personal injury case 1
KFP539.P4 S83 1999 Successfully preparing and presenting a slip-and-fall case / 1
KFP539.P4 S96 2017 Superstars of litigation : a day on personal injury 1
KFP539 .P4 .T79 2018 Trying a personal injury case from start to finish 1
KFP539.P7 H4 2002 Joseph Hetrick on Litigating the contemporary product liability suit 1
KFP539.P7 .I58 2005 An introduction to products liability litigation 1
KFP539.P7 .P43 2011 The preparation and trial of the products liability case 1
KFP539 .P7 .P743 2011 Presenting and defending catastrophic injury claims 1
KFP539.P7 P76 2001 Product liability litigation 1
KFP539.P7 P77 2004 Products liability update 1
KFP539.R4 .G72 2011 Litigating the failed real estate deal / 1
KFP539.R4 .H3 Handling the failure to disclose case 1