Call Number (LC) Title Results
KGD333 .B86 .G65 1959 A statement of the laws of Guatemala in matters affecting business 1
KGE0 .G58 1951 Suppl Statement of the laws of Guatemala. 1
KGF50 .W5 1910 Compendium of the laws of Mexico officially authorized by the Mexican government, containing the federal constitution, with all amendments, and a thorough abridgment of all the codes and special laws of importance to foreigners concerned with business in the republic. All acurately tr. into English. An extensive collective of forms both in Spanish and English. A minute index of all matter contained in the text. 1
KGF150 .A95 1992 The Mexican legal system / 1
KGF150 .A95 2013 The Mexican legal system : a comprehensive research guide / 1
KGF292 .M37 1981 An introduction to the history of Mexican law / 1
KGF328 .H47 1978 An introduction to the Mexican legal system / 1
KGF333 .B86D65 1980 Doing business in Mexico / 1
KGF333 .I33 2001 The IFLR guide to Mexico 1
KGF900 .F57 1987 The Fiscal reform for 1987 / 1
KGF1050 .B44 1956 A statement of the laws of Mexico in matters affecting business 1
KGF1052 .M4 Mexico annual review 1
KGF1307 .R11 1984 Joint ventures in Mexico / 1
KGF1319 .F84 1911 Handbook of the law of Mexican commercial corporations, including foreign corporations in Mexico (in English) containing explanations of the system of laws of the republic of Mexico and the law of the contract, management and operations of general corporations organized in Mexico; as well as of foreign corporations operating therein; together with complete forms for use by lawyers and corporate officials, 1
KGF1479 .T77 1998 Transnational insolvency project : International statement of Mexican bankruptcy law : 1
KGF3421 .A28 1972 Mexican anti-pollution law and regulations, as of April 1, 1972 1
KGF4648 .F76 1986 The Foreigner and the Mexican tax system / 1
KGH9009.2 1934 Canal zone code : an act of the Congress of the United States of America to establish a code of laws for the Canal zone, approved June 19, 1934 : together with an appendix containing certain treaties and general laws of the United States applicable in or relating to the Canal zone or the Panama canal 1
KGH9010.2 1963 Canal Zone code 1
KGH9012 1905 Canal Zone Supreme Court reports 1