Call Number (LC) Title Results
KJ821 .V4 1988 The validity of contracts between persons living together as an unmarried couple and their testamentary dispositions : recommendation no. R (88) 3 adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 7 March 1988 and explanatory memorandum 1
KJ985.S48 B83 1987 Law, sex, and Christian society in medieval Europe / 1
KJA3 .S54 1937 Epitome of Roman law in a single book; a concise collection of almost 700 selected texts of principles and rules in Roman jurisprudence, 1
KJA56 .B45 1953 Encyclopedic dictionary of Roman law 1
KJA127 .A42 2002 The case for the prosecution in the Ciceronian era / 1
KJA147 .B43 2001 Classical canons : rhetoric, classicism and treaty interpretation / 1
KJA147 .C87 1989 An introduction to the study of the Roman law / 1
KJA147 .G83 1884 Outlines of Roman law, consisting chiefly of An analysis and summary of the institutes, for the use of students 1
KJA147 .M19 1883 Handbook of the Roman law, / 1
KJA147 .M81 1914 Outlines of Roman law, comprising its historical growth and general principles, 1
KJA147 .R11 1927 Handbook of Roman law 1
KJA147 .R544 2010 Roman law and the legal world of the Romans / 1
KJA147 .S74 1966 Regulae iuris; from juristic rules to legal maxims 1
KJA147 .S74 1988 The character and influence of the Roman civil law : historical essays / 1
KJA147 .T44 1993 A short history of Roman law / 1
KJA147 .T46 1986 Introduction to Roman law / 1
KJA147 .V4 2001 Roman law in mediæval Europe / 1
KJA147 .W38 1995 The spirit of Roman law / 1
KJA160 .B89 1938 The principles of Roman law and their relation to modern law, 1
KJA160 .J68 1978 Roman foundations of modern law / 1