Call Number (LC) Title Results
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KJC79.A6 C64 2000 Information technology and law : linking systems and their users : modern communication techniques in the legal field : proceedings / 1
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KJC79 .A8 1986 EDP systems for the administration of courts and related systems : proceedings of the Fifth Colloquy on the Use of Computers in the Administration of Justice, Madrid, 14-16 October 1986 : reports presented at the colloquy 1
KJC79 .A8 1988 Integrated work stations in the legal sector and decision support systems : 1
KJC79 .A8 1990 Roles in the organisation of legal data processing systems : proceedings of the 8th Colloquy on Legal Data Processing in Europe, Malta, 9-11 October 1990 : reports presented at the colloquy 1
KJC79 .A8 1991 Interdisciplinary research in legal databases : environmental law databases : proceedings of the 9th Colloquy on Legal Data Processing in Europe, Rome, 1-3 October 1991 : reports presented at the colloquy 1
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KJC79 .A8 1998 Design of court systems and legal information systems : methods for setting up, managing and re-designing systems in a cost-effective manner : proceedings, 13th Colloquy on Legal Data Processing in Europe, Vienna (Austria), 15-17 April 1998 1
KJC135 .B97 1985 Comparative law and legal system : historical and socio-legal perspectives / 1
KJC135 .E97 1976 European law and the individual / 1
KJC158 .L44 1993 Legal visions of the new Europe : essays celebrating the centenary of the Faculty of Law, University of Liverpool / 1
KJC160 .C15 1986 Legal aspects of doing business in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union / 1
KJC164 .C65 .A35 2009 Racism on the Internet / 1
KJC266.A12 .K38 1967 Copyright thought in continental Europe: its development, legal theories, and philosophy; 1
KJC383 .I57 1960 Proceedings of the ... Institute on Legal Aspects of the European Community 1
KJC383 .J8313 1997 Judicial systems in a period of transition 1
KJC397 .S68 1982 The Sources of law : a comparative empirical study : national systems of sources of law / 1
KJC408 .R48 2001 Rhetoric and law in early modern Europe / 1
KJC431 .E83 2002 Law and theology in the Middle Ages / 1