Call Number (LC) Title Results
KJC8350.P75 E85 1985 Explanatory report on the European Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property 1
KJC8357.E96 C65 1990 Law and moral dilemmas affecting life and death : proceedings of the 20th Colloquy on European Law, Glasgow, 10-12 September 1990 1
KJC8377 .A883 1994 Abortion in the new Europe : a comparative handbook / 1
KJC8550.A5 E97 1993 Sexual exploitation, pornography and prostitution of, and trafficking in, children and young adults : recommendation no. R (91) 11 and report of the European Committee on Crime Problems 1
KJC8551.C45 .A3 2012 Protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse 1
KJC8644.C65 A516 1996 Problems of criminal procedural law connected with information technology : recommendation No. R (95) 13 adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 11 September 1995, and explanatory memorandum 1
KJC8780.A5 .C68 2007 Co-operation against terrorism between the Council of Europe and its member states, and the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO-Interpol) : Recommendation Rec(2007)1 adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 18 January 2007 and explantory memorandum 1
KJC8780 .C6 2003 Revised European Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism and explanatory report / 1
KJC8780 .C66 2006 Co-operation against crime : the conventions of the Council of Europe 1
KJC8780.K8 .E85 2005 Human rights and the fight against terrorism: the Council of Europe guidelines 1
KJC8780 .S25 2012 Counter-terrorism and human rights in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights / 1
KJC9015 .A6 2008 Corruption and democracy : political finances, conflicts of interest, lobbying, justice / 1
KJC9015 .A8 1994 Administrative, civil, and penal aspects, including the role of the judiciary, of the fight against corruption : proceedings, 19th Conference of European Ministers of Justice, Valletta, Malta, 14-15 June 1994 1
KJC9015 .P763 1997 Programme of action against corruption / 1
KJC9400.5.V53 .V53 2006 Victims --support and assistance / 1
KJC9400.5 .V53 .V53 2007 Victims : support and assistance 1
KJC9403.4 1970 .A4 E9 1970 Explanatory report on the European convention on the international validity of criminal judgments 1
KJC9405 .T52 2002 Comparative criminal procedure : a casebook approach / 1
KJC9430.A5 C68 1996 The management of criminal justice : recommendation no. R (95) 12 adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 11 September 1995 and report 1
KJC9430.A6 P36 2002 3rd Conference of Prosecutors General of Europe : proceedings / 1