Call Number (LC) Title Results
KZ1263 .M37 1932 International law in national courts; a study of the enforcement of international law in German, Swiss, French, and Belgian courts, 1
KZ1265 .E73 1961 The relation between international law and municipal law in the Netherlands and in the United States; 1
KZ1265 .S37 1980 Decisions of international institutions before domestic courts / 1
KZ1266 .R45 2013 The quest for world order and human dignity in the twenty-first century : constitutive process and individual commitment : general course on public international law / 1
KZ1268 .L39 2012 The law of the future and the future of law. 1
KZ1268 .T82 2002 Transnational legal processes / 1
KZ 1268 .T85 2000 Globalisation and legal theory / 1
KZ1268 .T85 2011 Globalisation and legal scholarship / 1
KZ1269 .C37 2000 International law and self-determination : the interplay of the politics of territorial possession with formulations of post-colonial 'national' identity / 1
KZ1270 .D8 1929 The practice and procedure of international conferences, 1
KZ1272 .I58 1996 International rules : approaches from international law and international relations / 1
KZ1277 .L47 2010 Customary international law : a new theory with practical applications / 1
KZ1277 .S33 2013 Customary international law in times of fundamental change : recognizing Grotian moments / 1
KZ1277 .V55 1985 Customary international law and treaties : a study of their interactions and interrelations, with special consideration of the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties / 1
KZ1277 .V55 1997 Customary international law and treaties : a manual on the theory and practice of the interrelation of sources / 1
KZ1279 .I5 1944 The international law of the future; postulates, principles and proposals 1
KZ1279 .T45 2019 The sources of international law / 1
KZ1283.U55 G36 1993 Teaching international law in the 1990s / 1
KZ1285 .P47 1983 Judicial interpretation of international law in the United States, 1
KZ1287.I59 .U55 Yearbook of the International Law Commission 1