Call Number (LC) Title Results
KZ4132 .R45 1975 Puerto Rico and the international process : new roles in association : a report for the conference on Puerto Rico and the Foreign Policy Process--New Roles in Association, held at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, New York, October 1973 / 1
KZ4132 .R63 1984 The decolonization of Puerto Rico in light of international legal precedents : a case for post-independence advocacy / 1
KZ4168 .C58 1962 The international legal status of Austria, 1938-1955 1
KZ4173 .A46 1991 Foreign governments in United States courts [sound recording.] 1
KZ4180 .H36 1963 The issues in the Berlin-German crisis 1
KZ4180 .H46 1987 The legal status of Berlin / 1
KZ4228 .J65 1981 Friends in conflict : the Anglo-Icelandic Cod Wars and the Law of the Sea / 1
KZ4240 .E84 1993 Ethno-violence & nationalism in Eastern Europe and U.S. foreign policy responses 1
KZ4282 .A73 1996 The Arab-Israeli accords : legal perspectives / 1
KZ4282 .B49 1994 Beyond the White House lawn : current perspectives on the Arab-Israeli peace process / 1
KZ4282 .F45 1979 Studies in international law : with special reference to the Arab-Israel conflict / 1
KZ4282 .M34 1986 The Palestine problem in international law and world order / 1
KZ4284 .J47 1994 The Jerusalem question and its resolution : selected documents / 1
KZ4335 .A44 1967 An introduction to the history of the law of nations in the East Indies: (16th, 17th and 18th centuries), 1
KZ4372 .F3 1980 A comparative study of judicial review under Nationalist Chinese and American constitutional law / 1
KZ4376 .C47 1980 The Chinese connection and normalization : (proceedings of a law professor workshop at the American Bar Association) / 1
KZ4376 .H36 1965 The international position of Communist China; background papers and proceedings. 1
KZ4376 .S34 1983 The People's Republic of China, international law, and arms control / 1
KZ4378.H66 W47 1983 Unequal treaty, 1898-1997 : China, Great Britain, and Hong Kong's new territories / 1
KZ4530 .H35 1970 The Cambodian incursion: legal issues; proceedings of the Fifteenth Hammarskjöld Forum. 1