Call Number (LC) Title Results
KZ4991 .R87 1958 A history of the United Nations Charter; the role of the United States, 1940-1945, 1
KZ4992.2 .M38 1984 United Nations law making : cultural and ideological relativism and international law making for an era of transition / 1
KZ4993 .H54 1963 The development of international law through the political organs of the United Nations 1
KZ4997.5.A36 H35 1968 Race, peace, law, and Southern Africa; background paper and proceedings. 1
KZ4997.5.C3 U54 1995 The United Nations and Cambodia, 1991-1995 / 1
KZ4997.5.C6 H36 1963 The legal aspects of the United Nations action in the Congo; background papers and proceedings of the second Hammarskjöld Forum. 1
KZ4997.5.S67 O84 1982 Apartheid, the United Nations & peaceful change in South Africa / 1
KZ4997.5.U54 F73 1985 Nation against nation : what happened to the U.N. dream and what the U.S. can do about it / 1
KZ4997.5.U54 G47 1991 The Kirkpatrick mission : diplomacy without apology : America at the United Nations, 1981-1985 / 1
KZ4997.5.U54 G74 1993 About face? : the United States and the United Nations / 1
KZ4997.5.U54 R87 1968 The United Nations and United States security policy 1
KZ4997.5.U54 S36 1958 The United States and the United Nations; the public view, 1945-1955, 1
KZ4997.5.U64 M37 1989 The mild reservationists and the League of Nations controversy in the Senate / 1
KZ4998.5 .R35 1982 The expanding jurisdiction of the United Nations / 1
KZ4999.5 .T33 1980 Multilingualism in international law and institutions / 1
KZ5000 .D36 2004 Multilateralism and the United Nations / 1
KZ5003.U55 U55 1983 The US, the UN, and the management of global change / 1
KZ5003.Z56 N53 1985 The United Nations, international law, and the Rhodesian independence crisis / 1
KZ5005.2 .A45 1964 The legal status, privileges, and immunities of the specialized agencies of the United Nations and certain other international organizations. 1
KZ5005.2 .G76 1984 Essays on international law and organization / 1