Call Number (LC) Title Results
KZ5566 .G53 1991 International organizations, constitutional law, and human rights / 1
KZ5566 .H83 1932 Progress in international organization, 1
KZ5588 .I58 1986 International security and arms control / 1
KZ5588 .M38 1981 Conflict and compromise : international law and world order in a revolutionary age / 1
KZ5588 .R44 1921 Selected articles on disarmament, 1
KZ5588 .V65 1932 Du droit de paix. De iure pacis. 1
KZ5593.2 .H83 1936 By pacific means; the implementation of article two of the pact of Paris; addresses delivered at the Fletcher school of law and diplomacy at Tufts college, March 1935, 1
KZ5594 .S56 1929 War as an instrument of national policy and its renunciation in the Pact of Paris, 1
KZ5615.C63 A3 1922 Treaties and resolutions of the Conference on the Limitation of Armament : as ratified by the United States Senate, facts and tables 1
KZ5624 .A56 The Arms control reporter 1
KZ5624 .D572 1993 Disarmament : new realities : disarmament, peace-building and global security ; excerpts from the panel discussions organized by the NGO Committee on Disarmament,Inc., at a conference held at the United Nations in New York, 20-23 April 1993 1
KZ5624 .W37 1965 Keeping the world disarmed, 1
KZ5625 .C66 1995 Controlling the international transfer of weaponry and related technology / 1
KZ5625 .H87 1986 The legality of space militarization / 1
KZ5665 .B76 1961 Arms control, disarmament, and national security 1
KZ5665 .C37 1988 Violence and law in the modern age / 1
KZ5665 .F47 1988 Planethood / 1
KZ5665 .F488 1988 Toward a comprehensive test ban / 1
KZ5665 .I58 1996 The Case against the bomb : Marshall Islands, Samoa, and Solomon Islands before the International Court of Justice in advisory proceedings on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons : questions posed by the General Assembly and the World Health Organization / 1
KZ5665 .N83 1994 Nuclear proliferation after the Cold War / 1