Call Number (LC) Title Results
KZ6015.2 .A3 1920 The proceedings of the Hague peace conferences; 1
KZ6015.2 .C46 1913 The two Hague conferences, 1
KZ6015.2 .E94 1999 The 1899 Hague Peace Conference : "the parliament of man, the federation of the world" / 1
KZ6015.2 .S368 1908 Texts of the peace conferences at the Hague, 1899 and 1907, with English translation and appendix of related documents; 1
KZ6015.2 .S368 1916 Instructions to the American delegates to the Hague peace conferences; and their official reports, 1
KZ6030 .C65 Human rights, European politics, and the Helsinki Accord : the documentary evolution of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe, 1973-1975 / 1
KZ6030 .C73 1993 The CSCE and the turbulent new Europe : record of a conference organized by the International Rule of Law Institute of the George Washington University in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Right / 1
KZ6030 .M372 2016 Helsinki revisited : a key U.S. negotiator's memoirs on the development of the CSCE into the OSCE / 1
KZ6042.2 1924 .M55 1925 The Geneva protocol, 1
KZ6044 .H33 1988 Power and tactics in international negotiation : how weak nations bargain with strong nations / 1
KZ6044 .I58 1988 International incidents : the law that counts in world politics / 1
KZ6115 .B35 1915 International courts of arbitration / 1
KZ6115 .B35 1983 A world court in the light of the United States Supreme Court / 1
KZ6115 .B88 1912 The international mind: an argument for the judicial settlement of international disputes, 1
KZ6115 .C37 1946 The process of international arbitration 1
KZ6115 .F73 1968 The structure of impartiality; examining the riddle of one law in a fragmented world 1
KZ6115 .H47 1912 Non justiciable disputes and the peace treaties, 1
KZ6115 .I584 1990 International arbitration : past and prospects : a symposium to commemorate the centenary of the birth of professor J.H.W. Verzijl (1888-1987) / 1
KZ6115 .I83 2011 Is arbitration only as good as the arbitrator? : status, powers and role of the arbitrator / 1
KZ6115 .J47 1971 The price of international justice 1