Call Number (LC) Title Results
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KZ6115 .K37 1968 The relevance of international adjudication 1
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KZ6115 .L69 2005 Lowenfeld on international arbitration : collected essays over three decades / 1
KZ6115 .R35 1926 The law and procedure of international tribunals; being a résumé of the views of arbitrators upon questions arising under the law of nations and of the procedure and practice of international courts, 1
KZ6115 .R35 1929 International arbitration, from Athens to Locarno, 1
KZ6115 .R35 1973 The law and procedure of international tribunals. 1
KZ6115 .S86 1958 Peace by adjudication; the limits of the use of international tribunals for settling disputes; record of proceedings 1
KZ6115 .S88 1990 Survey of international arbitrations, 1794-1989 / 1
KZ6115 .T66 1990 Mixed international arbitration : studies in arbitration between statesand private persons / 1
KZ6148 .C53 2007 Foreign state immunity and arbitration / 1
KZ6165 .F67 1904 Arbitration and the Hague court, 1
KZ6165 .I58 1992 International courts for the twenty-first century / 1
KZ6165 .J46 1964 The prospects of international adjudication, 1
KZ6170 .F63 1948 An important chapter from the history of legal interpretation; the jurisdiction of the First Permanent Court of International Justice, 1922-1940 1
KZ6250 .A44 Proceedings of National Conference, American Society for Judicial Settlement of International Disputes. 1910-16 1
KZ6250 .C66 1966 Compliance with judgments of international courts / 1
KZ6250 .C76 1919 International war, its causes and its cure, 1
KZ6250 .D68 2020 International judicial review : when should international courts intervene? / 1
KZ6250 .G73 1987 Judicial remedies in international law / 1